RT : Thematic Course in Educational Research (RT)

Offered by: Faculty of Research, Planning and Development

The main purpose of the proposed course is to enhance the required knowledge, competencies and experience in addressing existing education-related issues and to develop skills and attitudes needed to be a researcher in the 21st century.

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2010 Syllabus | 0 Credits | SLQL 0

Target Group

  • Teachers - Government, Semi-government, Private, International school, Pirivena and other Educational Institutions
  • Principals
  • SLEAS or SLTES Officers
  • ISA's
  • Academic staff of NIE
  • Academic staff of a National College of Education
  • Academic officers who is interested in educational research


After the completion of the course students will be able to;

  • Identify controversial issues in the education system
  • Critically evaluate pertinent literature to take justifiable research decisions
  • Analyze the central research problem and formulate specific objectives, questions, or hypothesis
  • Identify the appropriate research design to address the research problem
  • Identify data sources, data collection methods and instruments for a research
  • Analyze qualitative and quantitative data systematically to reach conclusions
  • Adheres research ethics taking measures to address the issue of plagiarism
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills related to research such as academic writing, presentation skills, etc.


Applications are invited through newspaper /online advertisements and suitable candidates are selected. Priority will be given to professionals in the field of education and those with an interest in research in other fields.

The expected number of students will be a minimum of 50.

Programme Structure

There are 14 themes in thematic courses in educational research. Each thematic course is three days long, with six sessions totaling 18 hours.

Thematic courses are held on an annual basis based on the needs and requests of individuals involved in educational research.

Programme Streams or Categories

A - Introduction to Research

B - Research Problem Development

C - Problem-Based Objectives

D - Literature Review

E - Research Methods/Designs

F - Sampling Techniques

G - Data Collection Methods

H - Qualitative Data Analysis

K - Quantitative Data Analysis

M - Action Research

N - Proposal Writing

P - Report Writing

R - Dissemination of Findings


Course duration is 0 months and maximum of 12 months.


Application Fee: Rupees 200.00

Entrance Exam/Test Fee: Rupees 0.00

Registration Fee: Rupees 500.00

Programme Fee: Rupees 6,000.00 in 1 Instalment(s).

Examination Fees: In addition candidates have to pay examination fees when appling examinations.

Programme Coordinators

National Coordinator | Coordinator

Miss. M. D. D. I. De Silva
Coordinator (TCER) / Assistant Educationist
Department of Research and Development
National Institute of Education
Maharagama 10280

Mobile: +94701399082
Email: iraniemdd@gmail.com
Office: +94117601863


Date Created: 2023-11-06 | Updated: 2023-11-07 | Hits: 646

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