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Payment Using LankaQR Supporting Apps

Near Future, You are able to do your payments with LankaQR supporting apps.

Just scan the QR Code and do your payment...

Mobile applications that are capable of reading LankaQR

  • SmartPay (Bank of Ceylon)
  • DirectPay (Cargills bank)
  • OrelPay (Cargills bank)
  • OnePay (Cargills bank)
  • DFCCPay (DFCC bank)
  • NeosPay (NDB bank)
  • iPay (LOLC Finance)
  • WePay (Sampath bank)
  • Q+ (Commercial bank)
  • Flash (Commercial bank)
  • FriMi (Nations Trust Bank)
  • UPay (SDB bank)
  • CIM (LB Finance)
  • SOLO (Hatton National Bank)
  • SeylanPay (Seylan bank)
  • Marx (Cargills bank)
  • PayMaster (Cargills bank)
  • PeoplesPay (People's bank)
  • PayWay (People's Leasing)
  • eZCash (Dialog Finance)
  • Union Bank Mobile Banking (Union Bank)

Please note that, this service is not started yet.

Date Created: 2021-08-06 | Hits: 5451

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