PD : Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PgDip(Ed))

Offered by: Faculty of Teacher Education and Alternative Education

This is Level Eight, (SLQF) 30 credits programme offered on part time basis which will be conducted at selected regional centres of the NIE during weekends and school holidays.

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2022 Syllabus | 30 Credits | SLQL 8

Target Group

This programme to cater to the professional development needs of the graduate teachers in the system.


The goal of the programme is to attract the emerging graduates of non-professional teachers and Educational Officers exposing them to and acquainting them with advanced learning-teaching skills from different fields of educational studies that contribute to sustainable national development and sustainable peace while meeting the challenges of the 21st century and beyond to become effective and efficient professionals.

By the end of the programme, the competent teacher who,

  1. displays mastery in subject matter at the level of implementation of the curriculum to achieve the aims of the National educational policies.
  2. analyses the learning contexts with a deeper understanding of the learners, their development, their needs and their socio-cultural and political backgrounds and their rights as human beings.
  3. creates learning centered learning contexts that encourages learners to collaborate with others where learners are viewed as active constructors of knowledge.
  4. exhibits technology and information literacy sufficient to integrate technology, including open education resources in learning-teaching.
  5. develops skills needed to be an active life-long learner and an effective communicator working with students in a learning context that is democratic and catering to the needs of diverse learners.
  6. takes action to move away from passive learning to active learning, where deeper learning and higher order thinking will be fostered.
  7. maintain teacher professionalism by keeping in line with the developments of 21st century education.
  8. adopts the principles of 'No child left Behind' and 'Every Child should Succeed'.


A candidate seeking admission for the programme of study leading to the award of the Postgraduate Diploma in Education will be required to confirm the following;

  • Be a Citizen of Sri Lanka / Candidates of other nationalities, who have the approval of the NIE Council
  • and
  • Obtained a Bachelor's Degree of minimum three (03) years duration from a recognized University or higher educational institute (Minimum SLQF Level 5)
    NVQ Level 7 qualification from recognized Institute
  • and
  • Candidates from the Sri Lanka Teacher Service (SLTS) or Sri Lanka In-Service Advisor Service (SLISAS) or Sri Lanka Principal Service (SLPS) or Sri Lanka Educational Administrative Service (SLEAS) or Sri Lanka Teacher Educator Service (SLTES)
    Heads and Teachers of Semi Government Schools/ Government Approved Private Schools / Pirivenas and other Government approved Religious Institutes
    a full-time member of the academic staff of the National Institute of Education or a recognized University or Higher Educational Institute
  • and
  • has a continuous service from the date of the first appointment.
  • OR
  • secured any other equivalent qualification acceptable by the Academic Affairs Board and the Council of the National Institute of Education.

Programme Structure

This is a 30 credit, Level 8 programme of Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF), offered on a part time basis over three semesters.

The programme will be conducted using the blended learning mode at the selected regional centres of the NIE during weekends and school holidays.

The teaching methodologies will incorporate the activity-based learning centered approach that uses expository, individualized learning, group presentation, individual presentation, collaborative learning, project & problem-based learning, inquiry based leaning as well as case studies, scenarios action research, and the like. Andragogical approaches will be used here with attention paid to pedagogy where necessary.

A minimum of 80% attendance at organized lecture courses / zoom classes, field work, and satisfactory completion of prescribed assignments are requirements to be granted permission to sit each semester examinations.

Programme Streams or Categories

0 - None


Course duration is 18 months and maximum of 60 months.


Application Fee: Rupees 1,500.00

Entrance Exam/Test Fee: Rupees 0.00

Registration Fee: Rupees 2,000.00

Programme Fee: Rupees 80,000.00 in 2 Instalment(s).

Examination Fees: In addition candidates have to pay examination fees when appling examinations.

Programme Coordinators


Mr. D. N. Kodithuwakku

Mobile: +94762137379
Email: kodithuwakkudammika@yahoo.com

National Coordinator | Coordinator

Mr. S. Shifaan
Senior Lecturer
Teacher Education
National Institute of Education
Maharagama 10280

Mobile: +94714468503
Email: shifan@nie.edu.lk
Office: +94117601703


Date Created: 2023-08-21 | Hits: 1428

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