MP : Master of Philosophy in Education (MPhil(Ed))

Offered by: Faculty of Teacher Education and Alternative Education

This is a programme designed for education professionals who want to develop their research knowledge and skills.

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2016 Syllabus | 14 Credits | SLQL 11

Target Group

The course is for the participants in the following categories Sri Lankan Educational Administrative Service(SLEAS), Sri Lankan Principals' Service(SLPS), Sri Lanka Teacher Service(SLTS), Sri Lanka Teacher Educators' Service (SLTES), Academic Members of Recognized Educational Institutes.


The objectives of MPhil (Education) Degree Programme is to develop the capacity of a graduate with an advanced knowledge in the field of education, to conduct advanced research.
A candidate is required to carry out high level research under the guidance of a Supervisor holding equal or above qualifications who had made a significant contribution to the education discipline. The research may be pure discipline-based or multidisciplinary.
The candidate should submit a thesis incorporating research findings, which are assessed and accepted by the Board of Examiners. The research must satisfy peer review and should be suitable for publication. The candidate may also be required to follow some course work as preparatory work or for value addition to research.

The qualification holders should be able to;

  • demonstrate critical awareness of current issues in education
  • to apply techniques relevant to professional practice.
  • to carry out independent pure and/or applied research contributing significantly towards the development of Education
  • to supervise and evaluate original research carried out by others in the field of Education leading to qualifications of SLQF levels up to 9.
  • to make judgment on complex and controversial issues in the area of education and communicate his/her ideas and conclusions clearly to specialist and non specialist audiences.
  • to demonstrate self direction and originality in tackling and solving problems and be able to plan and implement tasks at professional levels.
  • Qualification Descriptors applicable to SLQF Level 11.


An applicant fulfils the minimum eligibility requirements to be admitted to the approved programme leading to the Degree of Master of Philosophy, if he /she has anyone of the following qualification.

  • Master of Education degree from a recognized university/ institution.
  • Master of Arts in Teacher education degree (MATE) from a recognized university/ institution.

Programme Structure

The programme of study will consist of 14 credits of course work within two semesters.

Programme Streams or Categories

0 - None


Course duration is 36 months and maximum of 36 months.


Application Fee: Rupees 2,000.00

Entrance Exam/Test Fee: Rupees 0.00

Registration Fee: Rupees 3,000.00

Programme Fee: Rupees 175,000.00 in 1 Instalment(s).

Examination Fees: In addition candidates have to pay examination fees when appling examinations.

Programme Coordinators


Mr. D. N. Kodithuwakku

Mobile: +94762137379

National Coordinator | Coordinator

Dr. K. V. S. Harischandra
Coordinator (MEd-S/E | MPhyl) / Seniour Lecturer
Department of Teacher Education
National Institute of Education
Maharagama 10280

Mobile: +94715657802
Office: +94117601735


Date Created: 2023-12-01 | Updated: | Hits: 1077

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