EC : Diploma in Early Childhood Development (ECD)

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To produce professionals with an understanding of the most important period in the formative development of a child.

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2017 Syllabus | 30 Credits | SLQL 3

Target Group

  • Serving in a Early Childhood Development Center or
  • Who expect to serve in Early Childhood Development Center in future


  • To produce professionals with an understanding of the most important period in the formative development of a child.
  • To gain competence in recognizing children’s needs, and enabling them to gain appreciative experiences.
  • To further the professional dignity of the EC teachers.
  • To strengthen the ability of conduct relationship with parents, community and the regional officials.
  • To enhance the learning cross section of the future generations by means of producing new teachers through ECD professionals.


Sri Lankan between 18-45 years and who possess the following educational qualifications are eligible to apply.

  • Passing any three subjects in G.C.E. Advanced level examination in one sitting and
  • Pass with Mathematics and the mother tongue in G.C.E. Ordinary level examination

Through an interview marks based on criteria approved by the AAB.

Programme Structure

The period of time between 3-5 years of age in childhood, during which rapid development occurs in the brain’s neurons, is considered an exclusive stage in child development. During this stage, those who are involved in a child’s education should do so with a proper knowledge of children in the early stages of development. It is necessary to regard this as a key stage in development. It can only be achieved by an active energetic person with the sufficient knowledge in child development. It has now become an enormous necessity to create such vibrant teachers of child development in the society today.

Learning sessions will be conducted as four days per month. As and when the need arises, additional sessions will also be held on weekdays during the period of holidays at ECD centers.

Academic sessions will be held in NIE premises. Practical sessions will be held at Early Childhood Development centers nominated by the NIE.

The diploma course will be conducted in Sinhala and Tamil medium.

Programme Streams or Categories

0 - None


Course duration is 12 months and maximum of 60 months.


Application Fee: Rupees 200.00

Entrance Exam/Test Fee: Rupees 0.00

Registration Fee: Rupees 1,000.00

Programme Fee: Rupees 30,000.00 in 3 Instalment(s).

Examination Fees: In addition candidates have to pay examination fees when appling examinations.

Date Created: 2019-09-24 | Updated: 2019-10-31 | Hits: 4789

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